Journey of Love

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Come take this outdoor, torch-lit “Journey of Love” as you follow Jesus to the cross. This passionate, live music and drama portrays the 2000 year old story of Christ’s real purpose on earth, the meaning of the cross, and His glorious Resurrection!  Experience the Messiah’s life, as seen through the lives of those who were there. Witness the drama when the Chief Priests and soldiers took Jesus away to trial. Listen to the women’s surprise, when He greeted them at the tomb. Just as He appeared to many, when He walked the earth, the characters in Journey to Jerusalem bring Jesus to reality in the production.

A great way to celebrate the resurrection season with your family, friends or church groups!

For information or reservations, call (843) 236-1121.  Suggested donation of $6. per adult and $3. for children 10 & under go to benefit Promise Land Crisis Center.

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